Who we are

Peake Performance IT Corp. is a specialist in offering customized IT solutions for small-to-midsize enterprises. These IT solutions are designed to accomplish three key objectives for our clients:

  1. "Maximize the value of your IT spend"

  2. "Ensure your IT maps specifically to your business objectives and desired outcomes"

  3. "Enable you to achieve peak performance for your business"

We specialize in:

Architecture Design and Implementation

Cost reduction and technology standardization; process improvement; strategic differentiation


Better quality, reliability and consistency in results; improved operational efficiencies, governance and reliability; reduced costs and turnaround times

Backup Solutions

Protection of confidential company data, Intellectual Property and other key corporate assets

Business Continuity Planning/ Disaster Recovery

Peace of mind; convenience, safety and ease in recovering potentially lost records; protection of business-critical company data; minimization of costly downtime

Cloud-Based Solutions

Remote application and data availability; reduced maintenance and cost; redundancy

Control Testing (CSAE3416, SOC1, SOC2)

Provide your clients with third party assurance on internal controls; gain valuable insight into process improvement opportunities

Cyber-Security Solutions

Protection of company data, devices, Intellectual Property and other corporate assets from external threats and hackers

Data Storage and Management Solutions

Data security; improved productivity; ease of access of data; cost savings

Hardware Builds

Upgrades to aging equipment; Technology standardization; reduced administrative and support costs

Helpdesk Support

Single point of contact to resolve IT issues; systematic approach; historical logs/records; proactive prevention

Implementation and Migrations

Cost reductions; process improvements; standardization of technology

Website Design

Competitive differentiation; vehicle for clients to connect with you; your "business card" in the virtual world

An investment in your business through our FREE ASSESSMENT!*

Our first step is to look at what your current network consists of in hardware, licenses, data and applications. Next, we compile an IT cost assessment to reveal your total spend on IT, including Internet connectivity, support and other fees. Most business owners have never really look at their entire IT costs this way and often this report alone is an eye-opener. Why do we do this? Because our goal is to find ways we can significantly lower those costs while simplifying and improving your workflow.

We then perform an audit of your entire network to find potential problems, security vulnerabilities, spyware, viruses and hidden programs that you might not know about. This usually identifies out of date software or antivirus solutions, malfunctioning firewalls, and missing security patches which could end up costing you more in business downtime, data loss, support and new hardware.

*If you choose to use our services we will credit you for the full cost of the assessment on your first invoice and even if you decide not to hire us, having a third party assessment will give you great information to help you make better informed decisions about your IT and save you money.

Why choose Peake Performance IT Corp?

We start by investing in your organization

Before we can recommend an IT solution that is right for your organization, we first need to invest our time and energy to understand thoroughly your business, objectives and growth plans. That's why we start with a free assessment and even if you decide not to partner with us, it's on our dime, so there is no risk to you. By so doing, we can ensure the solution we propose is the right fit for your organization both today and in the future.

We speak your language

When we communicate with you, we do so in terms that you understand and that relate specifically to your business and its objectives. No arcane, complicated computer jargon is included in our vocabulary, be it in the assessment, proposal or ongoing communications. We want to make sure you clearly understand what we are proposing and how our IT solution maps specifically to helping you achieve your desired business outcomes and growth plans.

We're with you every step of the way

From the initial free assessment to implementation to the ongoing support of your customized solution, we offer a single point of contact so that we minimize your system and administration costs, ensure continuity and stability, and provide you with the security of knowing we are there with you not only in the moment but also in the future. It's about building a long-term relationship that benefits both organizations.

We have expertise where it counts the most

It's one thing to draft an assessment but quite another thing to deliver on what was promised in the assessment and proposal. That's where Peake IT excels as it has the expertise where it counts the most—on the frontline! André Zanoncello and his team of business consultants and IT specialists have real-world experience in delivering projects on time, on budget, plus know how to deal with the sometimes inevitable "unexpected", which can occur despite best efforts in the preparation and assessment phase.

We're partnered with a reputable and successful accounting firm

Peake Performance IT Corp. offers its clients reassurance and security as it is partnered with a successful and reputable chartered professional accounting firm, Chaggares & Bonhomme, which can sign off on all IT reporting attestation reports. As a partner with C&B we are able to provide IT audit and control testing including SCAE3416, SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3, testing that is typically only available from much larger firms. The combination of full-service professional accounting firm combined with the IT knowledge and experience create a unique skill set to help you with your business and IT.

Peake Performance IT Corp. performs our day to day helpdesk support and maintenance. Peake IT has been quick, professional and always puts the needs of our business first.

- Rob Chaggares, CPA, CA, CFP
Chaggares & Bonhomme
Chartered Professional Accountants

André Zanoncello - Team Leader, Service Delivery

Mr. Zanoncello is responsible for all facets of service delivery for PeakeIT. These responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the free client assessment, engaging the business consultants in proposal development to ensure the solution maps to the client's business objectives, assigning appropriate resources for delivery and implementation of the proposed solution, and ensuring ongoing client support and satisfaction.

With a background in management consultancy, Mr. Zanoncello has more than five years of experience working in the Information Technology space, delivering cyber-security governance, risk and vulnerability assessment, business process re-engineering, and business continuity/disaster recovery solutions, and internal control evaluation/reporting engagements to a wide range of clients in the financial services, retail and public sectors.

Mr. Zanoncello received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Technology Management from Ryerson University, with a specialization in Telecommunications and Networking, and has experience in IT consulting, cyber-security assessments, vulnerability assessment, business process re-engineering, and business continuity and data governance.

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